How Narcissists Recruit Flying Monkeys to Attack You


Did you know that most of the time, narcissists don’t work alone? That may sound crazy, considering how self-centered and ego-driven narcissists are, but these people will often recruit others to further their agendas and turn the crowd against you. Knowing what a flying monkey is can help you identify who is on your side and who is reporting back their findings to the abusive narcissist. If you want to be able to fully trust and confide in the people around you, stick around until the end, and you’ll be easily spotted by these narcissist enablers without all the annoying drama.

Number 10: They find common ground against you.

Narcissists can seem clever from the outside, but the reality is that their tactics are pretty basic. The problem is that most people find the sneaking, gossiping, and general drama to be pointless and tiring. But to them, it’s their main goal in life. A narcissist will often recruit flying monkeys for a common cause. They all share. And sometimes that may even mean that they have a mutual dislike for you. It is normal for people to not get along, but narcissists almost take it as a sign of disrespect. And if they don’t like you, they are going to want to turn people against you right away. You shouldn’t take this personally at all, as these flying monkeys are being radicalized by the narcissist to be overly mean or rude to you. Anyone who stands in the way of this group is going to get attacked verbally. There are rumors spreading about them, and it can be really hard to speak out against them.

Number 9: Narcissists running together.

On this channel, we talk so much about how narcissists are these prideful, mean-spirited people who want to feel superior to others. But there are some occasions where fellow narcissists can coexist. Unfortunately, this usually means that they have found something in common to be upset about, and it can create a really uncomfortable and unwelcoming environment for everyone involved. Generally speaking, narcissists turned flying. Monkeys don’t last all that long, as eventually they too will turn on each other. But what do you do in the meantime? Well, if you can’t lay low and let it pass, your best bet is to plant your feet and not budge on the things you find important. Narcissists hunt for weakness, and they will try to poke around for insecurities to later use against you.

Number 8: They will try to turn your allies against you.

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