How Answering a Simple Text Message Can Ruin Your Life


You probably think I’ve lost it.

I mean, how could answering a simple text message ruin your life?

You’re probably thinking you can handle the heat.  In fact, you might even kind of enjoy it when the narcissist texts you saying they miss you and then, you just ignore them. 

It feels like sweet revenge.  Here they are, trying to get in touch with you after you caught them lying and cheating…and you’re able to keep them in the hot seat, wondering if you’ll ever give them a second chance.

Admit it.  It feels good, doesn’t it?  To think they’re beginning to regret their poor choices?

I remember those days.  Even back before I learned about the concept of going No Contact, I would block my ex from being able to contact me.  Then, after a day or two, I would unblock him. 

Then I’d just ignore him when he’d try to call or text.

I’d go on like that for days at a time, thinking I possessed progressively epic degrees of power the longer I held out.  I just knew that if I ignored him long enough he’d come around to his senses.  Surely if I made him stew for a while, he’d come back to me a changed man.

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