Biggest Thing Narcissist Hates About You


A narcissist may love all your good qualities such as your capacity to give them chances, your affection for them, your compassion, your kind nature, your forgiving nature, and your understanding. However, there is one thing they cannot stand. They hate it. The moment they notice you have this one trait, they become your biggest enemy. They strike at you left, right, and center to bring you down, but unfortunately for them, they fail. They try to destroy this one single trait to gain the upper hand. What is this trait that I’m talking about? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

A narcissist loves your good qualities such as your compassion, your forgiving nature, your kindness, and your understanding because all of these can be weaponized against you. They know they can push those buttons and garner a fuel supply to use to their advantage. However, they hate your perseverance. This single quality makes you a tough nut to crack. They know you cannot be broken, no matter how much they try to destroy you. You are indestructible, which is why you keep coming back. You keep rising from your own ashes after they burn you down with their abusive tactics. This is what burns them day in and day out: the fact that there is a light in you they can sense but cannot extinguish.

They can copy you, wear the clothes you wear, like the colors you like, talk like you, get a job like yours, live in the same community as you, and try to become you. But they cannot copy this trait. They know they are stuck in a perpetual state of collapse and have to depend on others to live. But that does not apply to you. You are self-reliant and self-dependent. You have a lot to give, while they can only take, which makes them a vacuum, and that kills a narcissist. They do not have the type of resilience and perseverance that you have. Deep down, they know you do not need them at all, but they need you. They will make you feel the opposite because they want to feel like they are better than you. Not being able to destroy you is what destroys their ego and makes them feel like failures. They feel like they are the dumbest person alive for not being able to lock you forever in the darkest dungeons of their abuse.

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