7 Reasons Why Narcissists are Mean To You (You Won’t Believe)


Have you ever wondered why narcissists are mean? Ever pondered the origins of narcissistic cruelty? What else are you lying about? Who are you? I do not have time for this. I do not have time for you. Exploring narcissism reveals a confusing mix of reasons and actions. In this video, we’ll unravel the intricate layers of narcissistic psychology, shedding light on the underlying factors that fuel their hurtful actions.

Here are seven reasons why narcissists are mean. Let’s figure out why.

The first reason is narcissists are obsessed with winning.

They are obsessed with winning in everything they do. Their minds work in extremes; it’s all about power, success, and looking good. They want others to envy them and feel jealous of what they have. When they see someone else succeed, they feel like they failed because they didn’t win. Instead of being happy for you, they see your success as a missed chance for them to get attention or love. No matter how much you try to convince them otherwise, they won’t change their thinking. It’s important to understand that narcissists aren’t competing with you because they hate you; they act this way because they’re emotionally empty inside. Unlike someone who genuinely cheers for your success, narcissists will try to make you feel small and stop you from moving forward in life.

Next, narcissists feel the need to be superior.

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