Ask This ONE Question To Make a Narcissist Collapse Instantly


“There is a question that you can ask a narcissist to trigger their major collapse, but the condition for that collapse to happen is they must have lost all their sources of supply, and they must be on the cusp of falling apart. This question can trigger a major breakdown of their false construct of reality, ultimately revealing their false self. The question can bring up the true essence of who they are, which they have been suppressing for years. What is this question though? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

The question is: “Who are you?” That sounds quite simple, and you might say, “Well, how could that lead to some kind of collapse?” Let me explain. If you were to ask a narcissist who is doing fine, who is doing okay, who has all the sources of supply, whose false self is functioning quite well, and their defenses are intact, it would not have any impact whatsoever on them because their answer will be readily available. They’ll tell you all the great qualities about themselves, how much they earn, what their profession is, where they live, what their age is, and so on. Basically, their answer will be a combination of all the things they acquire supply from—be it their job, their status, the place they belong to, their age, anything they boast about. They are so full of ego about it.

But if you ask the same question to the narcissist who is on the cusp of falling apart, this question can echo in their mind all the time. “Who are you?” is a question that can bring all their defenses down and make them realize that there is nothing they can recognize themselves as. How can I say so? Because think about this: what is the foundation of narcissistic personality disorder? Lack of self or absence of a true self. You may have heard me saying this thing again and again in other episodes: “There’s no one home. There is no true person in there. They’re already dead. They are walking, breathing meat. They just look like you, but they’re not humans.” A narcissist is nothing but a false self who is like a programmed AI construct, a robot that runs a certain way, that is quite predictable, and that has only one job, that is, only one function, and that is to keep this false reality of the narcissist alive.

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