9 Lies Narcissists in Denial Tell Themselves


They lie all the time; why wouldn’t they lie to themselves

Have you ever talked with a narcissist about narcissistic people? It feels like being on a game show where the goal is to get your partner to say or do something.

A narcissist rarely admits they’re a narcissist and instead will dance around the subject while still trying to come off as an expert on it. Narcissists always want to be the most knowledgeable person on any subject, even when the topic makes them uneasy.

It’s not surprising narcissists deny their narcissism — it’s not an attractive personality trait, and it doesn’t make you look good. Why would anyone want to be identified as a narcissist, least of all someone whose personality is built on falsehoods?

Since narcissists are adept at lying, their untruths aren’t only reserved for a select few — they don’t tell the truth to anyone, not even themselves. For most narcissists, it’s preferable to be in denial about their narcissism, then face facts.

One of the ways to take away a narcissist’s sway is by understanding how narcissists see themselves and how that perspective is built on deceit and misrepresentation. Here are the most common lies a narcissist believes.

1. “I’m not a narcissist.”

I know narcissists; my aunt, brother, or boss are narcissists, and I’m not like them. My ego doesn’t fill up the room. I often put the needs of other people above my own. I have empathy for others. If I were a narcissist, I’d know it.

8 Lies ALL Narcissists Tell

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