7 Ways To Get A Narcissist To Respect You


In this article, I’m going to share seven ways to get a narcissist to show you respect. But before I do, there is one important thing you need to know about narcissists: they don’t actually respect anyone. They respect things.

Narcissists respect things like power, money, maybe looks, intelligence, and status. These are all things that a narcissist might respect. So, it probably seems like they respect some people, but if you dig a little bit deeper into that, they respect the people who they think have the things that they want. And when you really delve into it, you can see that they don’t actually respect people by the way they talk about them when they’re not around. The narcissist is deeply jealous of the person because they think that the person doesn’t deserve the things that the narcissist respects.

Only the narcissist deserves it. And so, they may want to align themselves with the person who has the things that they respect, and that can look like respect. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to get the narcissist to act like they respect you. And you guessed it. It is by acting like you have the things that the narcissist wants. And I want to make it clear that in this article, I’m not talking about going out and renting a Lamborghini, getting plastic surgery, or anything that takes you away from your true authenticity. But what we’re talking about here is becoming, or at least presenting, an image of a person that a narcissist would show respect to.

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