Narcissist and S*E*X. How the Narcissist views i*n*t*imacy with their partner.


Today, we are going to talk about narcissists and how they think and feel about s*e*x and i.n.t.imacy. If you have been in a relationship with a narcissist, I don’t have to tell you that their understanding and meaning of s*e*x and i*n*t*imacy seem quite different from how you believe it should look and feel. That’s because their definition and ours tend to be very different. Today, we are going to explore how different the meanings really are and why that is.

Be sure to read the article until the end because I’m going to explain whether a narcissist is actually able to make love to their partner or if they just view s*e*x as s*e*x, no matter what.

Usually, when we think about s*e*x and i.n.t.imacy between two people who are in love with each other and in a relationship, the words that come to mind are loyalty, love, trust, closeness, honesty, respect, and happiness. We tend to view s*e*x as an act that is mutually rewarding, meaning both partners receive something positive from it, and that it is relationship-enhancing. When narcissists think about i.n.t.imacy and s*e*x, words like power, domination, ego, influence, manipulation, and control come to mind. They tend to view s*e*x.ual partners as objects that are there to satisfy their needs for p.leasure, status, and power. We tend to think of s*e*x as a mechanism for enhancing relationships, and narcissists tend to view s*e*x in terms of personal gratification.

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