7 Things That Hurt a Narcissist More Than Anything


Things That Make Narcissists See Red and Crumble

It can be hard to understand the narcissistic personality type—there is still a lot left unexplored. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what hurts them most: emotional wounds, narcissist abuse, mental anguish, and more.

Knowing which of these things will cause pain for narcissists gives us greater insight into their behavior and allows us to better prepare ourselves if ever faced with such an individual.

So why are these so painful? And how do you protect yourself in such situations? Let’s find out! Emotional injuries can hit home for any person, but they seem particularly damaging when suffered by someone who displays traits associated with narcissism—often as a result of being betrayed or ignored; it may not matter whether that betrayal was intentional or accidental, as one might think—just the notion of feeling like something important has been taken from them leaves little room for recovery.

Similarly, narcissistic abuse ranges from subtle jabs given off-handedly to full-on physical violence, both causing long-lasting damage to whoever suffers through either experience, regardless of the intent behind the abuser’s action.

Mental anguish follows steeply after those two forms of trauma because time spent dealing with either scenario definitely isn’t easy or fast, especially when the frequenting victim lacks proper coping mechanisms and support systems around him or herself (which again goes back to the importance of a strong social network).

But besides the obvious elements mentioned before, hurtful actions play a big part too, since on numerous occasions throughout life, people tend to act in mean ways even without realizing it at certain points, being unaware of the bigger picture consequences inflicted upon the other party involved in the situation.

1 Constant Criticism


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