6 Things Narcissists Do When You Go No Contact


Do you want to know how a narcissist handles rejection or if a narcissist misses you when you go no contact? If you want to know what a narcissist thinks when you block them or if you go no contact with a narcissist forever or what cutting off all contact with a narcissist does to them. In this article, you will learn how narcissists will behave during no contact and how you can protect yourself from their manipulation tactics that will derail you from living your best life.

So the first thing is that they’re going to maybe try to start going back to what worked for them before, because remember, there are those three different ways that they interact in relationships. There are the three different phases, which is: idealization, devaluation, and discard. They start off with love bombing or that idealization phase where they show up. Whether it’s not always a romantic, it can be a business situation, which it was for me. And they show up in your space and they seem like they’re absolutely perfect. And then they start to devalue you. And then there’s the discard phase, but they kinda go back and forth between the phases. So they’re going to go back to what worked before, “Oh, we can always work this out, we’ve always been so good together. We’ve always been able to do things. Why do you need to be so rigid? Why do you need to be so difficult?” They’ll try to get you to be charmed by them again. Whatever that worked before to charm you, they’ll go back to that. And sometimes, it’s called hoovering where they’re basically coming back and say, “Oh, maybe I haven’t talked to you in a while.” And suddenly, you get that ping in your inbox or in your DMs or whatever. And you’re like, “Oh, I haven’t talked to that person, why? What are they doing here?” So they’re going to go back to trying to charm you in some ways, so that’s number one.

The next thing is that they may try to come on even stronger; you barely feel like you can breathe sometimes with them. Now all of a sudden, they’re showing up at your house or showing up at your office; they happen to be talking to everybody that you know; you just can’t get away from this person. There they are. They may call you incessantly. They may text you incessantly. They may escalate their efforts on all the bad things that they’re doing. Manipulating situations, projection, denial, deflection, lying—all the things that they normally do but now on steroids—because remember, with the narcissists, you’re either for them or against them. They’re very black-and-white. So they may escalate their tactics. You’ll see them coming on much more strongly.

How The Narcissist Knows They Have Lost You

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