6 Callous Ways Narcissist Uses Pictures to Abuse You


As for the mainstream definition of narcissism, a narcissist is a person who is self-obsessed. Imagine a narcissist as per that definition. What comes to mind instantly? Somebody who is standing in front of a mirror obsessively looking at their own reflection or a person who’s constantly taking selfies every passing second. But what if I tell you when it comes to taking pictures, it goes beyond taking selfies? In fact, they use pictures to abuse you. They take pictures of themselves and yours in a way to isolate you, humiliate you, belittle you, and make you feel small. This is what we are going to talk about in today’s episode.

They don’t take any pictures with you on vacation:

Whenever you go on vacation with a narcissist, they won’t take pictures with you. They will try their best to separate you and your children from themselves. Why? Because they want to appear single. How will they accomplish that goal? By taking selfies of themselves at different places with rocks, with new people, or doing certain things just to send that message across the internet that they are single and ready to mingle. These are their pictures: “I don’t have a family, I’m not with anybody, and I can do the same thing that I’m doing here alone without you.” This is how they cheat while being with you on a vacation that was supposed to be refreshing for the family, supposed to rekindle the love. They weaponize every event, maybe your birthday, anything to send this message that they are open to being with a partner or partners. That is such a betrayal because that vacation was supposed to be for you, for the family, for the children. But they steal away the joy because sooner or later you end up finding out that they had pictures without you. And when you ask them, “Oh, you’re crazy. You are stealing away my independence. Can’t I even do that? It’s okay.” And that’s how they gaslight you.

Taking pictures when you are in a compromised position:

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