5 Ways a Super Empath Destroys a Narcissist


It is said that a narcissist’s worst nightmare is a healed empath—a super empath—a person who practices self-love in real life, who has strong boundaries with themselves and others, a person who knows their non-negotiables, their values, and what they want in their life. A super empath is a narcissist’s kryptonite. When they encounter each other, the narcissist’s false, shame-driven, and shame-ridden self doesn’t stand a chance.

A Super Empath Destroys a Narcissist’s Sense of Entitlement:

A super empath destroys a narcissist’s sense of entitlement by questioning them without fear. They call them out. Narcissists feel like they should get anything they demand and they should have it, not caring how it impacts you. But when they encounter a super empath, they do not get what they want. Why? Because super empaths cannot tolerate injustice and take the necessary steps to stop it, thus destroying the narcissist’s control.

A Super Empath Sees Through a Narcissist’s Mind Games:

A super empath sees through a narcissist’s mind games, such as being passive-aggressive or pretending to be the victim. Empaths, in general, are prone to being used because they have a lot to give and narcissists only know how to take. They are sympathy vampires. However, a healed or super empath knows their boundaries, sees the behavior for what it is, and does not let their empathy be taken advantage of.

A Super Empath Destroys a Narcissist’s Ego:

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