5 Things a Narcissist is Doomed to Fail At


No matter how capable and powerful a narcissist pretends to be, they are highly incompetent. They do not have the resilience one needs to succeed in life; they lack basic life skills. But they like to believe they know it all; they like to believe they are the jack of all trades. But in reality, they are masters of none. They have created this false construct for themselves and have made it their reality. The false construct tells them nobody is better than you; you are the one who deserves to be admired, you are the one who deserves to be put on a pedestal, and you’re the one who deserves all the praise because you are better than everybody else. But you and I both know that is not true, which is why in today’s episode, we are going to talk about five basic life qualities that a narcissist does not have.

Being thankful or grateful: A narcissist cannot be thankful ever.

They are constantly plagued by a deep sense of dysphoria, or dissatisfaction with life. They always chase new things, and they are always addicted to something that keeps them distracted because they feel this deep sense of emptiness. The major difference between the emptiness that you feel because of the trauma they cause you and their emptiness is awareness. You know it is coming from within, and you have to work on it to fill it with self-love, presence of yourself, compassion, and all those good things. But with the narcissists, they try to find an external solution to the internal problem. They completely disregard all the clues they get from their environment that suggest they are the problem. They need to look within; they need to work on patterns. They remain under the impression that everybody else is the problem and they are the victim. They keep self-victimizing themselves, and that is what maintains and sustains this constant sense of dysphoria and dissatisfaction. That’s why I say they are their own biggest enemy. No matter how much they have, no matter how much you love them, no matter how satisfied they should feel, it’s not enough. And a narcissist is doomed because they will never know what is not making them feel enough. They will always stay in the chase, and that will lead to their demise.

Quality number two: lack of adaptability.

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