5 Things a Narcissist does when they’re alone


What do narcissists do when they are left alone on their own? How do they fill their supply tag? We all know they cannot stand their miserable selves, so how do they keep going? What activities do they indulge themselves in?

They’ll jump into the sea of social media and try to hunt a lot of supply:

The moment they are left alone and see everybody is gone, they get excited. The excitement is all about the possibilities they are yet to explore. They will slide into DMs with random people and try to be flirtatious or love bomb them. Maybe they might try to trade some pictures with them (you know what type of pictures I’m talking about). Or they may leave comments on random people’s posts on Instagram, on YouTube, wherever possible and whenever possible. They will very gladly do it. If a narcissist is not into looking for that kind of supply (sexual fuel I’m talking about), then they will randomly argue with people for no reason whatsoever because they love the hit they get from it. The sky is the only limit when it comes to a narcissist wandering about in the vast realm of social media. They can hook up with random people, call escorts, and do all sorts of bizarre and unacceptable stuff – things they won’t do in your presence but can only do in isolation to save their image.

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They’ll start going through your stuff:

Disgusting behavior. They will start going through your stuff, breaking all the rules, and breaching your privacy by searching your private journals. They want to know what you’re all about, what you are writing about, and how you’re feeling so that they can use and weaponize that information to further abuse you. If they are still stealers, they will take away your money, steal jewelry, or destroy your makeup if you’re a woman. If you’re in a relationship with a male narcissist, they might destroy your clothes – tear them apart, cut them in the middle. Later, when you come back to all that chaos and mess, they’ll gaslight you and say, ‘Oh, you’re making up things. It was like that. You never had that kind of money.’ What are you talking about? Going through your stuff is not only related to stealing; it’s also about instilling fear, making you feel extremely vulnerable and unsafe in your own space so that you remain in a terrorized state, and they can abuse you more easily. For example, if they go through your computers, phones, diaries, everything – your text messages – you are going to become paranoid, feel hurt, and the problem is you cannot express that. Plausible deniability – there is no proof. For the narcissist, it never happened, and they are really good at lying pathologically, no matter what you say or how much you express discomfort because of their activities.

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Calling your friends & family and talking nonsense about you:

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