5 Scary Changes Narcissist Show When Discarding You


The most painful stage of a narcissistic relationship is when this person decides to discard you. They treat you horribly, and the monster inside them comes out. The reptilian side lives on the surface, and you get to see the darkness as it is. They don’t care about hiding it anymore. Discard happens when you are left like a piece of furniture, and everything is turned upside down. Discard is when they end a long-term relationship and leave you for no fault of yours. If you have been through discard, you may already know what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t been through it yet, if you’re on the cusp of being discarded, this episode is going to train you for what is coming because the narcissist you’re dealing with is going to change. Everything is going to change, and most of it could shock you to your core.

Scary Change Number One: At the End of a Narcissistic Relationship

This toxic individual changes into a totally detached, unrecognizable stranger who has had no connection with you whatsoever. When a relationship ends, there is usually amicability, cooperation, and most importantly, respect for all the time a couple has spent together. They may have children or other things that tie them together, and they very respectfully do the fair division. That’s how it ends. But in a narcissistic relationship, you will see this evil entity fighting tooth and nail even for the petty things—the most insignificant things like pots, spoons, and pennies. Why? Because they are vengeful, punitive, and rebellious. They want to take revenge. They are envious now that you have been totally devalued, and they blame you for all their failures. They justify their hatred towards you, and that is what you are going to experience.

Scary Change Number Two: You’ll See a Reptilian-Like Individual with No Empathy Whatsoever

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