5 Comments That Easily Trigger a Narcissist’s Rage


Even if you were to become a Wordsmith and pass what you want to say through a thousand filters to achieve perfection before you say it, the narcissist will still be offended somehow by what you say or how you say it. The reason being the narcissist’s fragile ego, their insecure self, and how they’re filled with nothing but shame. Let’s learn more about this by discussing five comments that easily trigger the narcissist’s rage Let’s get started with Comment 1.

Comment number one, can you guess what it is? It’s only one word. One word: “no.” You’re right, no. Simple, plain old no. Rejection is death to a narcissist. They can’t take it; they can’t stand it. Why? Because rejection to them means they do not have power, control, or superiority over the situation, over people, over you, or anyone or anything related. So when you say no, that means you are calling them weak; you are putting them down. It is taken as a humiliation and that triggers their narcissistic rage. They are like, “How dare you reject me? How dare you reject my grandiosity?” Their false self is all about the illusion that they are perfect, that they can control anyone and anything, that they know it all. Their false self makes them feel entitled because what is narcissism all about? It’s about being entitled. That is the illusion they cast for themselves. So when you say no, you are shattering that illusion. It is seen as a big attack; you are proving their fantasy wrong, the fantasy they want to stay intact. You are questioning their identity; it’s as deep as that, and that’s why they attack you and ferociously try to re-establish control and their dominion.

Comment number two: I know many normal people who do not behave like that. When you say this to a narcissist, they will erase you; they will destroy you. Why? Because you’re comparing them with normal people. They see these normal people as way below them. How dare you compare them with someone else when they are incomparable? Because they are perfect, they do not have any flaws. If there is a problem, the problem is because of the other person, the other thing, the environment—something outside of them. They cannot be blamed because they do not have any faults. So how dare you compare their behavior, this behavior that is justified in their head, this behavior that you should accept without any question? You should take their words as gospel. How could you question them? How could you question their actions? And these normal people that you’re comparing the narcissists with, they stand nowhere before them. These normal people are just to be walked over; they’re bugs and insects the narcissist doesn’t see when walking over them. So how could you bring the narcissist to their level? This is how it is processed in the narcissist’s psyche; this is how it is assimilated. And then, that assimilation manifests as rage, as the adverse reaction they give you for comparing them with someone else. They might aggressively say, “Why do they leave me and then live with those normal people? What are you talking about?” They will put you down for trying to relate them; they will put you down for comparing them and then blame every single problem of the relationship, of the situation, on that comparison, the comparison you made. See, this is why we are not happy because you’re always comparing me with others. Let’s move to comment number three.

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