4 Weird Eye Movements of a Narcissist


A narcissist loves to lecture, loves to display their knowledge, and they love to talk, especially if it is an overt one. It is all a theatrical performance for a narcissist; everything is a show. They always assume people are paying attention, listening, and mesmerized by what they have to say. So, if you are present in the same environment where they are lecturing people, they will do something like this: while they’re talking, they’ll have a side-eye movement.

It seems weird because it’s like they are trying to see if you are paying attention to them, noticing how knowledgeable they are, and if you’re getting influenced and impacted by what they have to say – the ‘gems’ that are coming out of their mouth. That is the delusional grandiosity in action. The side-eye look is almost like scanning the environment for all the attention they could possibly vacuum in to feel good about themselves.

They do not care about what they are saying as long as they are saying it and making it seem like it’s the best thing that has ever been said, and they’re so knowledgeable. These side-eyes do not make sense to other people because you do not know what that was supposed to mean. If they were talking with this person or directing this audience, why would they have a side-eye look at you to know what you’re doing or if you are paying attention or not?

This is another proof of the narcissist’s fantasy world where everybody is paying attention to them, listening to them, taking in all the information, and going like, ‘Yeah, yeah, you’re right! That’s absolutely spot on!’ It is also a proof of their insecure narcissistic self.

Number 2: Looking from the side of the eye to the floor.

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