4 Things That Hurt a Narcissist More Than Indifference


I know you think that narcissists are hurt by indifference and that they could not stand being ignored, this is true, but I have something that will hurt them even more — things that drive them to the edge. Today, I will give you the four things that hurt a narcissist more than our indifference.

Now, let us pause for a moment and talk about the psychology of a narcissist and what makes them tick so we would understand why these things hurt them. A narcissist does not have any inherent inner sense of value. To survive, they require a constant supply of validation through external sources to fill the void, called the Narcissistic Supply. Since narcissists are like black holes that do not hold any sense of value, they will continue to feel empty even if you pour yourself into their needs. There is just no way to fill them. Eventually, whoever the source of that supply is, that person will get drained, tired, and emaciated. Although ignoring the narcissist might help, it would not do much since they will move on and look for someone else who can provide them with what they need. Now that we have shined some light on their psychology, let us jump into today’s article.

So, what hurts a narcissist more than indifference?

Number one on this list is: Moved on to somebody better.

If you have someone you perceive to have more wealth, be better-looking, or have more power, it will hurt them. Guaranteed! On the other hand, they think that they are hurting you when they have a new supply. They will parade that new source like a peacock would display its feathers. It will be on full display for everyone to see. Even if you do not care,. Even if you are grateful that they are gone,. That is our number one!

Coming in at number two: cutting off their best source of supply.

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