4 Things You Must Never Say to a Narcissist


You should try your best not to say anything to a narcissist because they will weaponize all the information against you. However, there are some specific things you must not tell them at any cost, for if you do, they will destroy you. What are these things? Let’s find out in today’s episode.

1. I am leaving you

Do not tell them that you are leaving, breaking up, divorcing, or that you are done and will have your lawyer serve them papers. Why? Because they will do everything in their power to keep you stuck. This doesn’t only mean they will love bomb you; it also means they will tie you financially, destroy your financial assets, steal all the money in joint accounts, destroy your cars, and try their best to trigger a reaction from you to make your children think you are the enemy. Basically, they will put obstacles in your way so that you do not find a way out. Do not tell them your plans because if they know what steps you are going to take, they will surely exploit you emotionally to retain you and keep you stuck in the relationship. They will also manipulate you and your lawyers through their lawyers. Stay low-key and unpredictable because unpredictability is a narcissist’s biggest kryptonite. Act normal around them and then strike when they least expect it. That is how you win against them.

2. I see through your narcissism

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