3 Things GOD Does to a Narcissist


Does God ever punish a narcissist? Does the universe, God, or the Divine ever intervene and make them face the consequences of their actions? If yes, then why do they get such a long time to be a narcissist and abuse other people? If they face their karma, why don’t they face it right away? Here you are, struggling and suffering, trying to move on, trying to heal, and so on, but the narcissist seems to be happy and okay with their life. That sounds quite unjust, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder, if you’re a believer in a higher self, God, Universe, or Divine (call it whatever you want), where is that Divine energy? Why does the narcissist get it all while you are trying to make sense of what happened to you?

1. They are provided with many chances to change.

The first thing God does to a narcissist is give them a lot of time, many chances, and a lot of space to change. But the narcissist never chooses to look within, take responsibility for their actions, or understand that they are doing something terribly wrong and need to change their ways. Every human being has free will, and God isn’t eager to punish us. At least, I don’t see the Divine being that way. In my eyes, the Divine is the most compassionate and the most merciful. So, of course, everyone gets a lot of chances to use their freedom. A narcissist is shown many ways that they need to understand and take control of their actions; otherwise, they will face consequences, and there won’t be any escape.