13 Signs You’re Dating a ‘Nice Guy’ Narcissist 


In this article, I’m going to talk about what I consider the most dangerous type of narcissist: the nice guy narcissist. When I say “guy,” this could easily apply to a female as well. The nice guy narcissist is particularly dangerous because no one suspects them.

If someone is showing signs of being kind, caring, and considerate, and does a lot for other people, you will initially think they are a very nice person. You would not suspect that they actually have very low empathy, put themselves first, and find it very difficult to see your perspective. This realization can be quite shocking and traumatic when you find out that this person is a narcissist and not the nice person they present themselves to be. If you end up getting romantically involved with this person, it can be particularly upsetting, shocking, and distressing because you realize you’ve developed romantic feelings for someone who is not who they pretended to be.

I’m going to talk you through 13 signs that someone might be a nice guy narcissist.

Sign #1: Excessive Flattery In the love bombing stage, a nice guy narcissist will shower you with compliments and engage in people-pleasing behavior to make you feel good so that you like them. However, this is self-serving behavior. The reason they are acting nice towards you is that they want something out of it. They need you to like them because, if you don’t, it will hurt their ego. They are very sensitive to criticism and need constant validation.

Biggest Thing Narcissist Hates About You

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