11 Reasons Why Narcissists Lie About Cheating On You, Even When You Caught Them In The Act


Ever felt heartbroken after discovering a narcissist cheating on you? Worse, even when you catch them red-handed, they still deny it, right? You’re not alone.

We all use lies to cover small untruths, but for narcissists, lying is second nature. They lie about everything, especially their cheating behavior, even when the evidence is obvious.

But why do they lie? Why do they deny their actions even when confronted with clear evidence? Narcissists NEED to lie to keep their world intact. Here are 11 reasons why they lie and never admit the truth.

1. Self-Protection

Narcissists want to avoid the consequences of their actions.

They’ve been unfaithful, but they’ll deny it even if you catch them red-handed. Why? Because they’re trying to protect themselves. They don’t want to face emotional distress, loss of reputation, or the end of the relationship. It’s a defense mechanism to maintain their image and control their world. They’re focused on their needs and security, not your feelings or heartbreak. This selfish act is a clear sign of their narcissism.

2. Control and Manipulation

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