10 Weird Texting Habits of Narcissists


A narcissist has an insatiable need to stay in control of every situation and continually extract emotional “supply” from those around them. This need doesn’t wane when they’re not physically present; instead, they often use texting as a tool to maintain their grip on their targets. Narcissistic texting habits can be perplexing, often leaving you feeling disoriented and manipulated. Understanding these patterns can empower you to recognize and manage their influence.

Here are ten strange texting habits commonly exhibited by narcissists:

1. Love Bombing: The Initial Hook

Narcissists often employ love bombing to ensnare their victims. This involves an overwhelming flood of affection, attention, and compliments designed to make you feel exceptional and irreplaceable. Their messages might include declarations of having never felt this way before or labeling you as their soulmate. This bombardment is not genuine; it’s a calculated tactic to quickly bind you emotionally, thereby establishing their control.

2. Ghosting and Reappearing Without Explanation

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