10 Tactics to Keep Narcissistic Siblings at Bay


What do you do with narcissists within your own family? Finding the answer to this can be really tricky, since toxic members of a family can really make you feel like you are trapped between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, you can’t and shouldn’t be expected to just continue like nothing’s wrong, but on the other hand, cutting out a member of your family is one of the most painful and difficult things a person can go through. Thankfully, there are some solutions out there so that you don’t have to jump to either of these extremes! Today we are going to focus on how to specifically deal with narcissistic siblings, since they are some of the hardest family members to keep at arm’s length.

Number 10: Camouflage yourself.

Now we don’t mean this literally, but camouflaging yourself is a fantastic tactic to try out on a particularly toxic sibling. To do this, you’re going to want to try to get into the head of your brother or sister in order to see what their objective here is. If they normally try to make you feel bad about the kind of job you have, then try not to bring it up, and if they do anyway then have an answer ready. Typically, siblings, even those who wouldn’t be considered narcissists, have a way of penetrating the armor that we put up around most people, which can make it harder to establish boundaries. Being able to avoid those topics, or at least conceal how much they affect you, can make them come up less often.

Number 9: Do not ever confront them.

Narcissist siblings definitely know how to push your buttons, but that doesn’t mean that you should try to return the favor. Not only is it more than a little emotionally immature to lash out like them, but it is exactly what they want from you. In the confines of a family gathering, celebration, or mutual friend’s event, there is an expectation of normalcy that even a narcissist will be able to respect. If you decide to attack them, however, it is usually going to make things a lot messier than either of you would wish. Narcissists don’t really avoid making a scene, and they will more than match the energy you give them. Insulting or finally telling that family member what you think of them may seem like the perfect plan in your head, but the reality of it is a lot less exciting.

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