10 Secrets Narcissists Keep from You


“Narcissists are difficult to manage. They are masters not only of manipulation and control but also of keeping secrets. They will go to great lengths to conceal who they truly are and what is going on in their lives, so that no one discovers their true feelings or intentions. What are these secrets, and why are they kept hidden? Here are 10 secrets that narcissists keep from anyone. But they are not secrets anymore because we will reveal them to you.

Number one, narcissists are not really that great at anything.

Narcissists aren’t really that great at anything; they’re just great at pretending they are. They’re not good at anything because they don’t care enough to be good. Narcissists want to convince you that they are great at something so that you’ll give them what they want in exchange for the illusion of their competence. Narcissists tend to overestimate their abilities; they might think they’re more talented than they really are or more popular with anyone. But when it comes to actual performance, the stuff that matters, their egos just aren’t backed up by reality. Narcissists don’t actually accomplish anything; they just think they do.

Number two, narcissists will never admit they’re wrong, even when they know it.

Narcissists will never admit they’re wrong, even when they know it. It’s like an allergy to the truth; they can’t be near it, let alone start to digest it. Narcissists believe they are superior and entitled to special treatment. So when you point out that they were wrong in something they did or said, you’re pointing out that you know more than them. Why? Because they don’t see themselves as being on equal footing with anyone else. Narcissists will always think they’re always right, and they’ll let you know. They’re so good at being right that they can’t even admit when they’re wrong.

Number three, narcissists can’t be trusted with secrets because they’ll turn around and use them against you.

They will use any secret information they have on you to manipulate or control you further down the line. Narcissists will also use it as ammunition to discredit you in front of other people so that they can look better by comparison. Narcissists are notorious for using other people’s secrets against them. They do it because they’re insecure and don’t care about how their actions affect others. Narcissists are willing to hurt others to make themselves feel better.

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