10 Reasons Why Narcissists Avoid Kissing their Partners


Kissing is one of the many ways romantic partners connect and is an important component of any relationship. When couples kiss, they establish emotional intimacy since the act entails feelings of connection and vulnerability. Remember that narcissists have no empathy. Do narcissists kiss? They do, but the narcissist always has an agenda when they enter a relationship. That plan is to turn you into their supply.

Here are 10 reasons why narcissists avoid kissing their partners:

Number 1: Narcissists Have Ulterior Motives

Narcissists have a secret motive in practically everything they do and say. Everything they do conforms to the daily illusion they inhabit, so everything they do is meant to deceive and distort your perception of them from the start. Their entire presentation is a false personality. These parasites will do whatever they can to avoid engaging in sensual conduct. However, they will indulge in a few steamy kisses if they cannot flee a hot date and feel trapped. After all, they are extremely cunning, so it’s not surprising that they are eager to fool their romantic interests. The truth is that they will engage in intimate behavior to obtain their desired outcome.

Number 2: Narcissists Aren’t Just Romantic

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