10 Behaviors Female Narcissists Possess


Many people associate narcissistic personality disorder with men who are frequently characterized as violent and angry. Most of the stereotypes often appear in men when they feel threatened that their supply source may go or when they feel offended. Contrary to popular belief, narcissistic women are just as toxic and plentiful as narcissistic males. Although studies vary in exact numbers and percentages, researchers believe that men account for just over half of identified narcissists, but the numbers are likely to be around equal.

Few men admit to themselves that they are mistreated by a narcissistic woman. To identify a female narcissist, here are the top 10 behaviors female narcissists possess when you encounter them. Get your notes ready and list them out.

Number 1: Female Narcissists Tend to Be More Obsessed and Concerned About Their Appearance

Female narcissists, just like male narcissists, take pride in their appearance. They are concerned with their appearance because it satisfies their demand for external approval. They usually appear to be well-polished, elegant, and well-fitting. They drive high-end cars and live in wealthy neighborhoods, even if they can’t afford it. They will, however, go into debt if necessary to project the image they desire. They also have a tendency for overspending on high-end clothing and designer items. While they may be concerned about their worldly possessions, they will also brag about how amazing their children are while secretly telling them the exact opposite. Like their male counterparts, they do this to cover any vulnerabilities they may have.

Number 2: Female Narcissists Are Extraordinarily Competitive and Jealous

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