Why No Contact From the Narcissist Works… 7 Reasons Why You Should Do It


Going No Contact is all about cutting ties so that the narcissist cannot contact you or even see you. No Contact is highly recommended when trying to escape a narcissist’s grasp or break free from their spell. And even if you cannot go permanently No Contact, a temporary No Contact can also be very beneficial. Having that time out from a toxic situation or person can only be good for you. So, when you decide to go No Contact, you have to ensure that you have blocked them on all your devices and from all your social media profiles so that they cannot message you, call you, or even see what you are up to. It also means if they show up at your door, you do not answer, or if they manage to send you a message, you don’t respond. And sometimes you may also need to physically move locations or avoid places that the narcissist usually frequents. But going No Contact is not just about physical separation; a lot of mental work has to be done as well to break any emotional ties that may still exist.

Why No Contact Works

So, today I want to talk about why No Contact works or 7 reasons why you should Go No Contact from a narcissist. And it should not matter who the narcissist is, whether it is an ex, a family member, coworker, friend, etc.; getting these toxic people out of your life is for the best. If it is an ex-partner where children are involved, of course, No Contact is not possible, but you can still starve the narcissist and reduce their access to you. I did this video to help with such situations. There will be a link here on the screen and in the description box below. But now let us look at the 7 reasons why, if you can go No Contact, you should go No Contact.

And the first one is that it puts an end to the cycle of abuse.

No More Madness

Physically removing yourself from a narcissist instantly puts an end to their manipulations and abuse. No longer can they blame you, guilt-trip you, or even love-bomb you into giving them another chance. No more on and off with the relationship or walking on eggshells. The emotional rollercoaster has finally stopped, and now you can regain composure and quietly assess what the hell happened.

The second reason why you should go No Contact is that it allows you to grieve.

6 Things Narcissists Do When You Go No Contact

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