Why Narcissists Want Fast Relationships


Narcissists are strategic. They plan, they scheme, they think, and overthink every upcoming engagement or encounter. They would practice things they will say or how they will act to ensure that the right image of them is received. If the Narcissist can help it, nothing happens by chance. They also have certain time frames in mind that they are working towards unbeknownst to the others involved. So, when it comes to romantic relationships and friendships the Narcissist has not only a plan to get you to trust them but a certain time frame. How long or short is this time frame and why?

Today I will be getting into why Narcissists like to rush the boat. Why are they so persistent and heavy, almost overbearing in the early phases of getting to know someone? Well, I have 3 main reasons why there is that sense of urgency with the narcissists which they try to mask as a desire just to be close to you because they admire you or love you so much. But the truth is that when Narcissist sees someone that they want to have a closer relationship with, they zoom in on that individual and dedicate lots of thought and energy to securing that person. They study that person in a bid to effectively deceive them. And the quicker they can get it done the better.

I explained in this article how the Narcissist intentionally overwhelms our senses so that we do not listen to our gut. They satisfy our sense of sight, smell and touch to seduce us into their trap. But the time frame is very important. And it is usually a very short time frame.

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