Why Does a Narcissist’s Eyes turn Black?


Imagine having an intense argument or a fight with a narcissist, and suddenly, the narcissist starts raging like never before. Their animalistic and primal side starts coming out, and their eyes start turning black. This horrific visual sends shivers down your spine because you have never seen anything like this before. It feels like you are interacting with an entity, a nonhuman thing that doesn’t have a soul, and it’s very scary. It seems like you are staring into an abyss, and there is no one in there.

If you have been through this, you have witnessed one of the scariest things known to humankind, in my opinion. This shell of a person brings out the evilest of the evil from within them, and you had to witness it, encounter it, and successfully survive the incident.

Today in this episode, we are going to explore why a narcissist’s eyes turn black when they are having an argument with you. Why does it feel like they have turned into this reptilian-like thing, and it feels like there’s no soul within? Let’s find out these answers together.

In malignant narcissists, the brain undergoes changes. In psychopathic narcissists, there are some anatomical changes that we need to be aware of before discussing this phenomenon. Their prefrontal cortex is not as developed as in non-narcissistic people. Their prefrontal cortex lacks gray matter, making it smaller in size than in individuals who have empathy. This lack of gray matter in the brain regulates and influences the levels of empathy a person can normally feel. Some parts of the brain involved in self-related thoughts are overly developed, making them slightly bigger than in the non-narcissistic population. These two factors need to be considered.

There are two explanations for the phenomenon – one is a scientific, trauma-informed explanation, and the other is spiritual. I’ll cover both in today’s episode. Let’s begin with the trauma-informed understanding of what’s going on.

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