When Your To-Do List is Your Bucket List (You might be an ADHDer if*…)


People often think having ADHD is just being distracted, scatterbrained, forgetting your keys, phone, deadlines, losing things, or always being late and never letting someone else finish a sentence. But if you know an ADHDer, you know this late, scattered person is often funny, whip-smart, creative, and generous, and may even have a track record of accomplishing amazing feats. So… Why can’t they get their sh*t together? Because then life would be so cool.

For you.

For us.

When you are an ADHDer, sometimes you are one of the people who think the above things about yourself. “If I could just get my sh*t together, my life would be so cool.” If you are an ADHDer, you might also write a sentence that is actually a paragraph and not add any punctuation until the third or fourth edit.

ADHD is more than a list of symptoms, of course.

Research is proving that many diseases and disorders are more complicated than the symptoms that cause humans to suffer. We don’t tend to get down to causes and conditions until we are riddled with symptoms and suffering. If you are an ADHDer, you might offer knowledge about one topic while sharing about an entirely different subject.

You’re welcome.

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