When the Narcissist Realizes Life Sucks Without You


You’ve gone no contact and created the boundaries, and the narcissist is finally out of your life.   What happens once you’ve negotiated  and beat your narcissist husband, wife or business partner, and you’ve moved on?   How does a narcissist handle it when you’ve rejected them or gone no contact?  Read this article to find out what happens when the narcissist realizes life sucks without you?

It’s kind of a funny thing because I’ve dealt with narcissists in my life, unfortunately, which is why I have such a huge mission for this. I’ve dealt with them in my law practice, but I also dealt with them in my personal life. That’s why I know and understand the drama, trauma, and chaos they cause. Here’s the narcissist paradox: they treat you like crap the whole time, doing all kinds of horrible things to you—very abusive, mind games, passive-aggressive, actually aggressive the whole time. Then, when you finally decide to run away from them to save your sanity and preserve your soul, they turn around and go, “Oh, why did they leave? Oh, I can’t actually live without them. I need them back.”

So, what happens when they realize that life sucks without you? Well, first of all, I’m going to tell you all of this, but I want you to know that you don’t go back there. If you’ve successfully gotten the key, the golden ticket, and you’re out of there and they’re leaving you alone, thank God and never look back. That’s where everybody wants to get to, honestly. You don’t want them back in your space. They haven’t changed, no matter what they say. So don’t go running back to them. Alright. Let me just say that at the beginning—they haven’t changed. They’re not going to, regardless of what they say or do. Just leave it alone.

But now, what’s happened? You’re gone. You’re not coming back. They realize you’re not looking back. You have wiped them from the CPU of your life, which is what I tell you to do all the time. Now, you’ve actually taken away their source of oxygen and their source of food, and that’s what we call narcissistic supply. They need an endless supply to feel validated and alive. If they’re not going to get it from you in the form of adulation or you doing things for them and making them look good, prestige, or some form of value that way, then they’re going to get it from you by devaluing you, debasing you, and treating you poorly. They literally get off on that.

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