What words can destroy a narcissist?

  • What words can destroy a narcissist?
  • What are narcissists’ weaknesses?
  • Can a narcissist be obsessed with someone?
  • How do I leave a narcissist?
  • What confuses a narcissist?
  • Which ten things make a narcissist miserable?
  • Can a narcissist fall in love?
  • How does a narcissist respond to no contact?
  • Do narcissists usually cheat?
  • How can I tell if I’m a narcissist?
  • What happens when you ignore a narcissist?
  • Why do narcissists avoid kissing their partners?
  • Why do narcissists live double lives?

What words can destroy a narcissist?

Words that trigger their insecurities can destroy a narcissist. Names that they are insecure about, comments about their appearance, or anything that points out their flaws can be very damaging to their fragile ego. If you know what makes them insecure, you can use it against them to get them to do what you want. Just make sure that you’re prepared for the fallout because they will not take kindly to being tricked or belittled.

What are narcissists’ weaknesses?

There are a few key things that can make narcissists vulnerable.

1) They may be thin-skinned and can get easily wounded or hurt by feedback, criticism, or perceived slights.

2) They often have fragile egos, so they can’t handle feeling like they’re not the best or smartest person in the room.

3) They often need to be the center of attention and feel threatened if someone else is getting more attention than them.

4) They may have difficulty regulating their emotions, so they can swing from feeling superior and entitled one minute to feeling deeply wounded and humiliated the next.

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