What Narcissists Do When A Relationship Ends #WalkingAway


Today, I’ll look at something that all narcissists do when a relationship ends, and how they have prepared for it since the beginning of the relationship. Whether you discard them or they discard you, the result is the same. insurance quotes for cars

It doesn’t matter who the narcissist is, whether it’s a parent, sibling, friend, lover, or boss, they all act the same way, as I often say. And I believe we can all agree that being in a relationship with a narcissist is a damaged and toxic relationship.

Some people can work around the toxicity and make it workable, but many others cannot. As a result, those kinds of relationships frequently terminate.

It’s never easy to end a relationship, especially when you’ve spent years or decades with that individual, and it’s even more difficult when it’s a family member. But, especially when dealing with narcissists, letting go is sometimes the only way to go ahead.

Walking away has power; it gives us a new sense of strength when we can finally turn our backs on individuals who have been hurting us or simply breaking us down. quotations on insurance

Of course, narcissists try to make people dependent on them or believe they need them in order for them to continue in their lives, but this is merely manipulation, and it’s critical that anyone in that situation recognizes it for what it is.

A relationship can end for a variety of reasons, but in a normal relationship, both partners are usually willing to accept responsibility for their part in the relationship’s demise. And this is where narcissistic relationships differ because the narcissist is never at blame when the relationship ends. quotations on insurance

So, when a relationship ends, what will all narcissists do?

It’s entirely your responsibility.

They will blame the other person for the breakup of the relationship, even if they try to appear reasonable and take a tiny share of the blame. Whether the narcissist dumped you or you dumped them, this is always the case. It is always the other person who is to a fault, never the narcissist.

The other person made things unbearable, forcing the narcissist to discard them, or the other person was insane and selfish, forcing the narcissist to dismiss them. insurance quotes for cars

The story is the same every time. The narcissist, for some inexplicable reason, always ends up with partners or people who are not right or mentally unstable.

The narcissist is the decent guy or the helpless victim who can’t seem to find someone who will love them as they deserve. It’s a significant red flag if you encounter someone like this who blames all of their ex-partners for the relationship’s demise.

A narcissist believes that when a relationship ends, someone is to blame, and they are determined that it will not be them, even if it is. This is why narcissists trash their spouses in order to cover their backsides if the relationship ends. Their backstory has already been established, so no one will ever mistake them for the bad person. insurance quotes for cars

What’s annoying is that when a narcissist stays with their partner for decades while ruthlessly slandering them for years, those who believe the narcissist’s lies about this other person end up seeing the narcissist as a saint for bearing with their so-called toxic partner, child, friend, or whomever for so long.

A wonderful book: Divorcing A Narcissist And Other Jerks

Whatever the case may be, the narcissist is always the victim in their relationships, whether he or she is a male or a woman.

When a narcissist relationship fails, all the narcissist cares about is appearing blameless. They try to convince themselves and others that they are the ones who gave their all to the relationship, so it is always the other person’s fault when it fails. insurance quotes for cars

It’s the other individual who has no regard for family or commitment. The other person is insane and selfish, but the narcissists are blameless.

Narcissists lie to get into relationships and lie to get out of them.

It’s also amazing how they join partnerships as saviors, wanting to help, love, and appreciate us, just to depart as the victim. However, narcissists are notorious for not changing their ways because they are too preoccupied with blaming others instead of looking in the mirror and seeing themselves for who they truly are. insurance quotes for cars