This Is The Message You Send The Narcissist When You Go No Contact


Today I will be talking about what your No contact tells the Narcissist but it also includes what Ignoring them communicates to them as well. Because Ignoring the Narcissist and going full No Contact are proven ways to be free of the Narcissist and their manipulations.

Although both are very effective and the response from the Narcissist can be similar ignoring the Narcissist is not the same as going full No Contact. No Contact means exactly what it says. You basically have no interactions whatsoever with the Narcissist. You don’t hear from them; you don’t see them. There is no way for them to approach you or contact you.

Whereas ignoring means the Narcissist is still around but you are making a conscious effort to avoid them as much as possible. You have to see them; you may have to work with them but you are not being a source of Narcissistic Supply. You are not feeding them. You are not giving them your attention.

All the interactions between the both of you are very cut and dry; straight to the point. But whether you are ignoring the Narcissist or have absolute zero contact. You are communicating some very important messages to the Narcissist. Messages they do not like but they are powerful messages that every Narcissist need to get. And the longer you can manage to keep your distance the clearer your messages will be. And it doesn’t matter who the Narcissist is, whether it’s a Narcissist in the family, a Narcissistic friend, partner or work colleague.

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