Strange Traits of People Mentally Abused By Narcissists


Today, you will learn about the subtle traits of people who have experienced mental abuse from narcissists. These behaviors can harm oneself and future relationships. There are many factors that can cause a person’s behavior to change. People’s behaviors are as dynamic as shifting tides in the ocean, constantly influenced by a myriad of internal and external factors. Like any type of change, behaviors can change positively as well. However, behavior changes that are products of mental abuse mostly appear negatively. This article will show you 10 subtle traits of individuals who have undergone narcissistic mental abuse. Let’s begin.

Trait number one: Unsettled

Calming people who have experienced mental abuse from narcissists is tricky. The anxiety brought to them by the narcissist makes them behave unsettlingly, acting jumpy or fidgety. Victims have trouble staying still, cannot seem to focus their attention, and are constantly distracted. It could be that they are bombarded with too many negative thoughts, overthinking things that have never even happened. They channel such thoughts into fidgeting to somehow make it bearable, if not better. Other times, victims develop mannerisms due to this unsettled behavior, like biting their nails, rocking their feet, and tapping their fingers on tabletops.

Trait number two: Spiteful

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