Proof a Narcissist Doesn’t Have Any Friends at all


A lot of you are going to disagree with what I am about to say: Narcissists have zero friends. Hear me out before you start commenting and saying, “Oh well, the narcissist that I was with had a lot of friends. He or she used to love them, admire them. In fact, my narcissistic partner was good to them but not to me. What was that all about?” Well, they have enablers, they have flying monkeys, not real friends. For us to understand what not having a real friend means, we need to know what a real friend is, which we will do in today’s article.

Narcissists are fake to their core!

To understand why a narcissist doesn’t have any real friends, you need to understand that narcissists are fake to their core, and they like to sync their internal environment with their external one. How? By surrounding themselves with fake people. Those friends they have are secret admirers, wannabe or failed narcissists, those people who could not establish the level of control or do not have the kind of power or money that your narcissistic partner or parent has. Thus, this friendship between them is always transactional. What is your narcissistic partner getting out of that friendship? There is no authenticity, there is no true feedback; they are getting blind enabling.

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