Narcissists Are 100% Done With You Forever After They Do This


Narcissists are 100% done with you forever after they do this. Have you ever wondered if a narcissist can truly care about anyone other than themselves? Perhaps it is possible, but it is certainly not in the way we typically understand what care and love mean. When a narcissist has moved on from you, it will be apparent in how they treat the relationship and, inevitably, how they treat you. The intimacy that once existed between you will be gone, replaced with an unsettling void.

The core problem that all narcissists struggle with is intimacy. The natural libido that we all experience as human beings has no place for them anymore. Instead, anger, resentment, and hate take over. To someone who isn’t wrapped up in the narcissistic mindset, this may seem utterly strange. After all, we are wired to gravitate towards love, care, and affection to form healthy bonds with one another. But for narcissists, they thrive on taking advantage of others who still prioritize those loving and caring motives. That’s why the world is currently grappling with such an overwhelming occurrence of narcissism.

But how did the narcissist become that way? The answer lies in the terrible things that the narcissist experienced in their early childhood—likely trauma, abandonment, or emotional neglect. They adopted a cruel and vindictive personality as a tool to survive, leading to the twisted individuals we know today. It’s a deeply sad situation.

Have you ever noticed that a narcissist is trying to mimic you in the beginning? They start by mirroring your actions and behaviors, pretending to show you love and affection. It’s unsettling because they could copy even your strangest habits. Think about it: in a healthy relationship, people have their quirks and preferences that make them unique individuals. Yet the narcissist seems like a copycat version of you. I even used to call my ex a mirror of me. However, this fake intimacy is short-lived, and eventually, they can’t keep up the pretense. When this happens, it should be a red flag that their true nature is emerging.

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