Narcissists And Crisis Situations


Today I want to talk about current events and role of Narcissists because life has a lot of uncertainties and this is something Narcissists hate as they prefer to have control not just over people but every day events. They also prefer to bury their heads in the sand when crisis situations arise. They are cowards in every sense of the word.

Even in these instances they try to use their fake optimism to comfort themselves and others, that everything will be fine. But they are not willing to really do anything about it. They are not willing to pay attention to the actual threats that may lay ahead. They prefer to cling to their delusions and focus on making money and manipulating others. The Narcissists in power are the ones creating a lot of these crisis situations and our everyday Narcissists exist to distract us from what is really going on. The Narcissists in power are ensuring that they are comfortable while everyone else is suffering. We have to deal with the rise in the cost of living.

 We have to deal with the consequences of war. We have to deal with a fragile economy that can break at any moment. But our everyday Narcissists want to carry on as if everything is just fine. They prefer to bury their heads in the sand and only speak of good outcomes for the future. They do not want to talk about the fact that things are getting worse. As a result, there will be no active preparations on their part to combat what is ahead.

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