10 Signs of a Narcissistic Sociopath


In order to be classified as a narcopath, malignant narcissist, or narcissistic sociopath, a person has to display several traits of both NPD and ASPD. Some of these signs include delusions, an obsession with power and control, taking advantage of others, and no moral boundaries.

Here are 10 signs of a narcissistic sociopath:

1. They Live In a Deluded Reality

Narcissistic sociopaths don’t see the world in the same way other people do. In their distorted version of reality, they are entitled to whatever they want, regardless of what it takes to get it or who is hurt in the process. They will justify their actions, even ones that are inexcusable, and show no remorse. A sociopath’s narcissism may also lead them to develop delusions of grandeur about being important, special, or exceptional in some way. Or, they can experience paranoid delusions that others are out to get them.

2. They Are Obsessed With Power & Control

People with NPD and ADP are power-hungry. Sociopathic narcissists put a lot of time and effort into acquiring positions that give them power or control over people, bowling over anyone who gets in their way. Once they obtain control, they may demand to be addressed in a certain way or make others follow rules that don’t make sense. This obsession also tends to show up as a refusal to acknowledge any other authority, including rules, laws, policies, or requests made of them by others.

3. They Take Advantage of & Use Other People

Narcissistic sociopaths have a habit of using, exploiting, and taking advantage of others. This tendency shows up in all of their relationships, including romantic, platonic, or familial relationships they’ve been able to maintain. They seek out codependent, nurturing individuals who are more easily manipulated and controlled through guilt, shame, or fear, and will hold onto these relationships for as long as the person remains “useful.”

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4. They Have No Moral Boundaries


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