How The Narcissist Will Ruin Your Life


Today I want to quickly look at the fact that Narcissists try to monopolize our time.

 Time is an expensive commodity that should not be wasted but Narcissists ensure that we do. They themselves are very protective of their time. They are careful with who they spend their time with and how. Their time is precious to them and is spent on them doing the things they want to do.

Narcissists are selfish even with their time. And they even believe that your time is their time. So, their aim is to steal as much of your precious time as they can. Because whatever the Narcissist does not enjoy doing, they will delegate to someone else. This is one of the main reasons why they need to be in romantic relationships.

This is also why they like to aim for managerial positions in the workplace. And it is even one of the reasons why they get children. It all comes down to their need to control other people’s time.

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Narcissists want servants and it can take a while before the people around them realise that they are being used. But the longer a Narcissist is in your life, the longer your list of duties grow. The ideal for the Narcissist is that you end up having no time for yourself. No time to do the things you want to do only what the Narcissist requires for you to do. When I say Narcissists are users and abusers it’s in every possible area. They only know how to use and abuse your love, your trust, your emotions, your time and whatever else have you.

Narcissists are selfish and empty so they will keep taking without ever being satisfied. They are happy to keep people trapped in relationships with them knowing full well they have no love for you but just want to use you and deplete you. That is why they do not care when you get sick, instead they become annoyed; how dare you be off duty.

 Narcissists give no regard to our needs, wants or our time. They will waste our time in so many ways because they do not respect us and they do not care. They will convince us to use our time to help them progress and make their life easier but they will never do the same for us. Our time is precious and we are the ones who should decide how it should be spent.

We cannot keep sacrificing our lives and our time to please any Narcissist. That is why boundaries are so important and just being able to say No. We have to put the limits in place because the Narcissist will not. They will just keep taking and taking until there is nothing left. Time is something we cannot get back so we need to ensure we are not wasting it on the wrong people.

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