How Narcissists Manage Those They Cannot Manipulate


When a narcissist realizes that you are fully onto them, there is not much left for them to do, as it no longer benefits them to play the nice card. It becomes clear that you do not care enough for them to play the victim card. Basically, there is now no emotional connection they can use to manipulate you, which means you are no longer useful to them. However, it does not mean they will leave you alone. Although they may not be able to manipulate you, they may manipulate others around you to affect you on some level.

The unfortunate truth is that many narcissists do not move on straight away to their next victim. They usually have multiple victims at the same time whom they are trying to destroy. Narcissists are very vengeful and spiteful, so their list of victims is always growing. It does affect them when they have lost out on a source of supply.

Whether you have avoided contact, set firm boundaries, actively avoided the narcissists, or even called them out on their manipulative ways, the narcissist knows when their emotional games have come to an end with someone. There are only a few things left for them to do. Today, I’ll discuss three different ways narcissists manage people they can no longer manipulate or control.

Depending on who you were to the narcissist, they may have done one or even all of the different things. Their reactions are based on the fact that you were viewed as a major threat to the narcissist. When someone is too strong or wise to the workings of the narcissist, it makes the narcissist very uncomfortable. Their fears and insecurities kick into overdrive, and they have to find a way to minimize those fears and insecurities once more.

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