Covert Narcissists Do Not Want You to Know About This


Narcissists play many roles throughout their life. Today, I want to focus on the Covert Narcissist, and to make it more concise, there are three main roles: the public role, the private role, and the personal role. If you have lived or still live with a Covert Narcissist, you may be familiar with all three. Today’s article is all about breaking down these three roles of the Covert Narcissist and how they affect those around them. You will also be able to clearly see what role a Covert Narcissist may be playing in your life right now.

But first, I just want to quickly welcome everyone to another episode of ‘Exposing the Narcissist.’ I would also like to give a big thank you to all my channel members, subscribers, and regular viewers. Your support means a lot, and I appreciate all of you.

Public Role:

Let’s first look at the Public Role of the Covert Narcissist. Publicly, the Covert Narcissist appears very harmless. They are usually quite charming or personable. They can appear to be very polite and respectful. Even the quiet and more reserved ones are usually deemed pleasant or friendly. Because when it comes to Covert Narcissists, their public image means everything to them. When they step out of their front door, the show begins, and they are the star of it. The world is their stage, and they are seeking attention and validation on every corner. So, as far as it would help their image, their public role is usually one of a people pleaser – reliable, trustworthy, and a shining example for all. Some Covert Narcissists have very extroverted personalities, so they can be quite bubbly, outgoing, and just a ray of positivity. What is ‘Covert’ about the Covert Narcissist is not their fake personality but instead, their abusive or vindictive nature, which is hidden or not openly displayed. Covert Narcissists can be either extroverted or introverted. The introverted ones are the slippery ones as they usually don’t seem to tick the usual boxes of a Narcissist because they may be more reserved, and their desire for attention is not noticeably clear. But understanding this layer of Covert Narcissism is crucial.

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