Can you manipulate a narcissist?


Today’s question asks if I can take a look at ways that somebody can manipulate a narcissist. Now, manipulating a narcissist in the long run is hazardous and potentially even in the short run. Some would argue it’s exactly the wrong thing to do, and I tend to agree with this. In a way, it promotes narcissism because it’s often the same as placating or encouraging the narcissist. So, I have to think of this topic more as keeping the peace with the narcissist rather than manipulating them, as manipulation has a negative connotation.

Why Learn These Techniques?

Is it even a good idea to uncover these techniques and learn what they are? How could someone manipulate a narcissist? It’s important to recognize these behaviors because sometimes we see them in others. Narcissists often recruit people to help them manipulate and harm others. I call these people narcissistic agents; others refer to them as “flying monkeys,” a reference to The Wizard of Oz. These agents often manifest many of these manipulation tactics. In a sense, they’re trying to manipulate the narcissist as the narcissist has power over them and is manipulating them. Another group that sometimes manifests these manipulative behaviors are the victims of the narcissist, who might try to manipulate the narcissist just to survive.

Beyond seeing these patterns in other people, there’s another reason to learn these techniques. Sometimes we can’t avoid interacting with narcissists due to work or family situations. Thus, understanding these techniques can help us survive these interactions, keep the peace, or gain something necessary from the narcissist.

The 10 Techniques

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