8 things narcissists do to get under your skin


Narcissists. Masters of manipulation, champions of self-importance, and relentless destroyers of peace of mind. If you’ve ever encountered one, you know the insidious sting of their tactics. They worm their way into your life, promising charm and grandeur, only to leave you questioning your reality and sanity. But how do they do it? What are the specific ways narcissists get under your skin?

Here are 8 of their most common tactics, and how to navigate them without losing your cool (or your sense of self):

  1. The Grandiosity Gauntlet:

Narcissists live in a self-constructed universe where they reign supreme. Everything revolves around them, their achievements, and their opinions. Prepare for endless braggadocio, tales of exaggerated exploits, and constant one-upmanship. They’ll belittle your successes, dismiss your contributions, and bask in the limelight, leaving you feeling small and overshadowed.

Defense tactic: Resist the urge to compare. Remember, their self-inflated bubble needs constant inflation. Don’t feed it with your attention or validation. Acknowledge their “greatness” without getting sucked into their vortex. Focus on your own achievements and let your inner light shine independent of their spotlight.

  1. The Gaslighting Gambit:

This is where reality gets warped. Narcissists twist situations, deny their actions, and project their blame onto you. You’ll be left questioning your own memory, sanity, and perception. They’ll say things like, “That never happened,” “You’re overreacting,” or “It’s all in your head.”

Defense tactic: Stand firm in your truth. Document conversations, keep memos, and rely on witnesses when necessary. Remind yourself of reality, and don’t engage in their web of doubt. Trust your gut, and remember, gaslighting thrives on your confusion. Don’t give them that power.

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