13 Most Common Narcissist Lies That Make You Stay


When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you are not quite aware that he is one. You just think that your partner is behaving like that because of the crises that every couple has.

You think that his lies, cowardly actions, fraud and gaslighting will eventually stop.

The catch is that you are in love with a man like that, no matter how toxic he is because he is the only love you have.

You don’t want to stop believing that he will change and that the two of you will have a wonderful life together.

But darling, unfortunately, that is not going to happen. You see, all those narcissists are like that for a reason.

They went through some kind of a trauma in their life and behaving like that is their defense mechanism.

Acting like a jerk is what they do best and they believe that if they continue doing that, then others will cherish and respect them, especially their love partner.

That’s why they use narcissistic abuse tactics such as lies, fraud, manipulation, gaslighting, and belittling and they put down their partner.

They are so in love with the fictional character of themself, pretending that they are way better than they really are.

They are such a good actor that they believe in their own lies. They think that others are not half as good as they are and that because of that fact they should respect them and let them teach them things.

That can make a love relationship very stressed because a narcissist will never accept his partner as she is but he will always want to change her.

The bad thing is that every narcissist is such a good liar, with amazing speaking skills that can make any woman believe in anything he says.

A man like that constantly wears a mask and he never reveals his real face. He knows that if he shows even the slightest emotions, people will hurt him and he can’t take being hurt anymore.

That’s why he uses his pain in the wrong way, hurting other people. The thing a narcissist likes the most is his lies.

In this article, I want to make a list of the most common narcissist lies that make any woman stick around.

You should know that all these lies are calculated and prepared for any kind of reaction.

People who do this want to make sure that in the end, they will persuade their victim to do whatever they want and that they will reign supreme as always.

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