7 Weird Phone Habits of A Narcissist


A narcissist’s relationship with their phone is as toxic as their relationship with you or other people. They use their phone as a portal to gain massive supply by projecting a fake image to the world. Nobody truly gets to know or experience the real person behind the screen. People don’t know the person behind the sweet, spiritual, or charming messages. Today, we will explore this in-depth.

Number one: They take their phone everywhere.

A narcissist has to be in control of the situation, including who has access to information about them. They carry their phone with them everywhere they go, even in the shower or the washroom. They are constantly focused on their phone and addicted to it because it is their source of supply and the way they get in touch with the world.

Number two: Multiple profiles on multiple dating sites.

Despite being with you, they have multiple profiles on multiple dating sites. They need a constant source of supply, and you are not enough. They use these profiles to target different people and get a surplus supply. They can easily cheat on you and find different men and women to rotate through.

Number three: Separate financial accounts.

When you “Abandon” the narcissist

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