7 Weird Facial Expressions of a Narcissist


If you want to know who a narcissist is underneath all their facades and masks, observe their facial expressions. It’s through these micro-expressions that they reveal a lot of grandiosity, entitlement, egocentrism, sadism, and a true lack of empathy. They make very weird facial expressions that, when looked at in combination with their actions, will help you understand what you are dealing with.

Facial Expression Number 1: An Eye Roll Followed by a Deep Sigh

Whenever you say something of importance, it may look like this: an eye roll followed by a deep sigh. It’s basically saying, “Oh my God, I’m so done with you. Just shut up already. I don’t want to listen to whatever you have to say because it’s rubbish. It hurts my ears. It’s not about me. You’re complaining. You’re putting me down by expressing your emotions, by telling me how I hurt you. You are criticizing me. You are insulting me. Your job is to villainize me. I am a good person and you should see me as such regardless of what I put you through.” The moment you open your mouth, you become a liability to them, and they ridicule and mock you by making this facial expression. A narcissist may roll their eyes at you to show how insignificant you are and how meaningless what you have to say is. They basically do it to make you feel stupid.

Keep in mind that a victim can also roll their eyes at the narcissist out of their disgust for those circular conversations and word salads. They can’t take it anymore, so the moment this narcissistic, toxic individual opens their mouth, you may roll your eyes. That’s why context matters. Why you do it matters. Your intention is important. Before questioning yourself, “Am I a narcissist because I also roll my eyes?” check your intentions. Your intention was not to ridicule, put them down, or shut them down. No, your intention was to express how done you are with their repetitive actions and the same lectures you don’t want to hear anymore.

Facial Expression Number 2: Dead Stare in a Narcissist’s Eyes

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