7 Ways Narcissists Manipulate You By Text


Today’s article is part two of the strange and selfish texting habits of narcissists, mostly in the context of a romantic relationship, but some of these toxic texting habits can happen in other types of relationships as well. Also, please note that if you engage in some of these habits, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have narcissistic personality disorder, but if you are often texting this way, I would suggest that you look into this as a possibility. At the end of this article, I will talk specifically about the types of texts you will get when a narcissist is strategically trying to re-engage.

number eight, which is short or unrelated responses.

So you send a relatively long message to your partner that contains information and questions, and they respond with ‘k’ or ‘fine,’ or with a response that’s totally unrelated to what you asked. Or maybe you’re having a small disagreement by text, and they just respond with a thumbs up. First, you should know that narcissists only read your full texts in the beginning of the relationship when they are getting high on your validation. After that, they only skim your texts quickly and only respond to the parts that matter to them or that trigger them. The rest is completely dismissed. Their point is to invalidate you and let you know that they will decide what is important and what is worthy of responding to. Number nine is critical texts. Let’s say you did the dishes before heading out to work, then you get a text putting you down for the way you did the dishes. So, for example, they text you saying, ‘If you’re going to leave dirty spots on the dishes, what’s the point of doing them? The fact that I even have to tell you this makes me feel like I’m dealing with a 2-year-old.’ So not only are they complaining about how incompetent you are at doing dishes, but they’re taking it a step further by saying you’re basically incompetent as a person.

Number 10 is lashing out texts.

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