7 Toxic Texting Habits of Narcissists


Narcissists will do whatever it takes to maintain control over their sources of supply at all times. They are grooming new sources, hoovering old sources, and of course, messing with the minds of their current sources of supply. Nowadays, a lot of the narcissist’s manipulations are done by text.

Today we are talking about seven strange and selfish texting habits of narcissists, mostly in the context of a romantic relationship, but some of these toxic texting habits happen in other types of relationships as well. Also, note that if you engage in some of these habits, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have narcissistic personality disorder. But if you are often texting like this, I suggest you look into this as a possibility.

1. Love Bombing

Number one is being love-bombed by text. I’m sure you already know by now that love bombing is a classic manipulation tactic used by narcissists and other toxic people at the start of a relationship. This is where they bombard you with extreme displays of attention and affection, usually amazing sex, gifts, promises to make your life so much better. They are acting caring, compassionate, charismatic, wanting to know everything about you, making you feel truly seen and special. You may feel like you’re on a high, like you’re on top of the world. But the fact is, you’re being reeled into a very toxic game.

At what point will a narcissist go quiet?

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